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I know a lot of folks on here take endurance racing pretty seriously and probably don't want the competition to know how they train, but I can't help but wonder what others are doing. It's January, so that obviously puts a damper on things to an extent, but I was curious to see what others 1) thought about my past week, and 2) were doing on their end to get ready for upcoming racing season.

This past week was Week #9 in my 40-week TransRockies training plan and followed a Recovery Week. I had a goal this week of getting in a 6-hour ride for the first time in the training program. All trainer workouts done indoors on the road bike.

Monday - Fluid Trainer. CTS Mountain Bike 60-minute video + 35 minute small ring 95rpm spin.

Tuesday - Fluid Trainer. 70 minutes of small ring 90rpm spin.

Wednesday - 3 hours of singletrack, 17 miles and 2500' elevation gain.

Thursday - Fluid Trainer. Spinervals Tough Love 3-hour video.

Friday - Fluid Trainer. 30 minute recovery spin.

Saturday - 62.5 miles on mountain bike, some singletrack, lots of double track, a touch of road and some snow and slush. 6.5 hours and 4450' elevation gain.

Sunday - REST

I felt great all week. My nutrition plan went very well on Saturday and I never felt hungry or thirsty (cold and wet, yes!). My resting heart rate is doing well, I'm sleeping fine, and don't feel any signs of overtraining. Training is coming along very well and it feels great to be doing this again after taking a few years off.

So... anybody care to share their week? I'd love to see what others are doing... might get some ideas that way. Thanks.

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I will gladly share. Since, I am in Iowa and we have copious amount of Satan's dander (ie: snow) I am forced indoors for the most part. Here is my routine from December thru early March...

Monday: Weight lifting at the YMCA (2 hours)
Tuesday: Bike work on the spin bike at the YMCA (2 to 3 hours)
Wednesday: Weight lifting (2 hours)
Thursday: Bike work on the spin bike again (2 to 3 hours)
Friday: Weight lifting (2 hours)
Saturday: Spin bike workout (2 to 3 hours)
Sunday: Day off or Long-Slow-Distance Ride.

My bike and weight workouts change every month. It's all a building process for the first event....and then the entire season.

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See you there.

Mon 15 km snowy, 300 ft vert. Intervals. Curl (sweeper)
Tue 28 km snowy, 600 ft vert. Pace, Curl
Wed 15 km slushy, 300 ft vert. easy
Thurs 15 km slushy, 300 ft vert. easy Curl
Frid 33 km slushy, 600 ft vert. Hard Curl
Sat 37 km snowy cold, 2500 ft vert. Forgot water, and food bonked
Sun Off Curl.

Not much of a trainer guy.
Trying for 500 km a month now, increasing to 1000 km as it warms up.

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Monday: Lot's of online research w/ regard to a new music gizmo, started burning CD's into mp3 format.
Tuesday: picked up a new 8gig Nano at Circuit City, more CD conversions.
Wednesday: Fixed road spin, 1:10
Thursday: Tele ski session, 1:30
Friday: Raided a friend's music library, drank beer, threw darts.
Saturday: 4 hours of telemark.
Sunday: 3+hrs fixed mtn bike

Impressive, eh?

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last week

monday: trainer 1 hr.
tuesday: xc ski in the woods at night 45 min.
wednesday: yoga 1.5 hr.
thursday: trainer 1.5 hr.
friday: tele ski 2.5 hr.
saturday: xc classic 1.5 hr
sunday: tele ski 3.5 hr.

i've been lazy and not really developed a plan for the off-season training yet, but this was definately a bigger week for me in terms of hours. it's hard for me to plan due to the iffy snow situation where i'm from (n. michigan). this was the first week that there were any classic tracks set in the area, so hopefully now i'll be able to develop something of a routine.

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Sure, I'll play...

Last week went like this:
Mon: 1 hour core/upper body workout
Tues: am - 1 hour core; pm 1.5 hours on bike - VO2max interval work
Wed: am - 1 hour core; pm 1.5 hours on bike VO2max interval work
Thurs: am - 1 hour core; pm 1.5 hours on bike VO2max interval work
Fri: am - 1 hour core; pm 2 hours on bike VO2max interval work
Sat: rode White Rim, 9 hours MTB at steady pace.
Sun: day off.

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mathewsen said:
Do you have an E-coaching website dewd?
I sure don't. I coached for several years and do a bit now and then, but my addiction has got the better of me these days. If I can't do it right I just can't do it. comes with my highest regard tho - Lynda knows what it takes to kick some booty in the ultra scene.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. It's nice to see what others are up to.

As for E-coaching, I don't use any either. I spent a few years making plans with the "Endurance Athlete's Edge" periodization book and had great [age-grouper] success with that, then had a year with an E-coach for Ironman prep. Now I just combine past knowledge and go from there.

Basically just trying to add some sense and moderation to the core concept of spending as much time as possible on the bike every week. LOL!

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This is week #577 in my 15,797 week training plan to ride myself into an early grave.

Monday: Ride five miles to work, do a bunch of 1-15 block deliveries, ride home, drink beer, go to bed early.
Tuesday: Ride five miles to work, do a bunch of 1-15 block deliveries, ride home, drink beer, go to bed early.
Wednesday: Ride five miles to work, do a bunch of 1-15 block deliveries, ride home, drink beer, go to bed early.
Thursday: Ride five miles to work, do a bunch of 1-15 block deliveries, ride home, drink beer, go to bed early.
Friday: Ride five miles to work, do a bunch of 1-15 block deliveries, ride home, drink beer, go to bed early.
Saturday: Ride 10 miles urban style (on my SS 29'er) over to the short track race course. Do a couple laps screwing around style, and then "race" for 45 minutes. Get a ride home with my wife, drink beer, and go to bed late.
Sunday: Piddle around the house for a few hours and then spend the rest of the day wasting time on a $249 frame (

That's the stuff that World Cham... I mean Category Winners are made of.

Oh yeah, lotsa VO2 Cinemax, core, and tele-training next week (or I'll just repeat week #577 again).

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Just starting to wind it back up...I like rest :)

I see DH is in fine form, that core regime will help crush opponents later in the season. I have my first X-treme Abs class of the year today at 5:15pm. Ugh!

Monday - rest :)

Tuesday - rest :)

Wednesday - pilates, 1 hour :eekster:

Thursday - rest :)

Friday - rest :)

Saturday - 15 miles ss mtb snow ride :thumbsup:

Sunday - 23 miles ss mtb snowstorm ride (6-8" of fresh CO powder provides excellent resistance training!) :thumbsup:

Ah, the gory glories of getting back into riding form :cool:

Nice post.

Ed E

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Here's mine. I'm racing solo at OP but not peaking for that race. My next big biggie is Seven Stage Race in July. Did Trans Rockies last year with hairball.

Monday - 6:21 mountain bike ride first three hours easyish and techy skills focus, last three hours hammer on non-stop pace
Tuesday - Run, core/upperbody strength work
Wednesday - Core/upper body, night ride getting light systems dialed
Thursday - Run, core/upper body
Friday - Run, core/upperbody, 20 min sub threshold tempo, 5 X 60 sec VO2max reps
Sat - Run, core/upperbody, VO2max reps - 4 min intervals with 1 min rest
Sunday - threshold reps

Lots of strength work at the moment so I can stay upright on the bike for 24 hours at OP. That'll taper off soon.

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I can't keep secrets anyways

last week:

Monday-40 min core silliness +1hr run outside+1/2hr on rollers(fixed)+worked 8hrs
Tuesday-40 min core + 2hr run outside, worked 8hrs
Wed-40 min core +1hr run outside, worked 8hrs
Thurs-40min core+2hr run, worked 8hrs
Fri-picked bum at work for about 8hrs
Sat-3hr classic ski+1hr run(+2 beers at 10am), watched Hockey Night in Canada
Sun-3hr classic xc ski +1hr run(no beers), no work

I'll switch it up(more bike) as the snow melts...for now, I just don't wanna turn into a fatty.

ps-there's more snow here than Iowa...

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Last week

Monday- Ride to work and a few hours between batches 4 hours total prob 35 miles

Tues- things breaking at work, maybe 15 miles, look at pertty pictures with other mt. bikers drink beer

Wen- prob 8.5 hours on bike froze ass off maybe 75 miles

Thurs- 4 hours things melting very wet riding but faster pace maybe 55 miles

Fri- Wake up at 3am can't sleep go for 3 hrs maybe 35 miles, go back to sleep meet buddy drive to moab

Sat- Freeze ass off in buddies car (need a more burly sleeping bag for those 10 degree nights get maybe 37 miles in (also a 1.5 hr car warm up) 6 hrs on bike?

Sun- 8 inches of fresh snow maybe 35 in 4 hours

All this done on a very heavy fixed gear mt. bike running 32x17 in lotsa snow in and around Denver icy streets.... Can't wait for things to warm up

I do some stretches from when i used to do to taekwondo.....

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My main training focus is for the upcoming Steamboat Pentathlon, I got 5 weeks to get good at running and nordic skiing. I try to keep myself on a training program but Its tough not to snowboard every day when you live at a ski area. Plus I have been sneaking in snowbike rides when conditions are favorable.
My winter training schedule looks a little bit like this. I wake up at 4:30 am to do the snow report, then play all day, clean the mid-mountain lodges at the ski area, and go to bed early. I love winter.
Here is last weeks activity list.
Monday- snowboarding for a few hours. 2.5 hour snowbike night ride in sub-zero temps.
Tuesday- 1 hour mid-intensity nordic session. nap. snowboarding for 3 hours.
Wednesday- geeked out on MTBR, forgot to ride my trainer. 3 hour snowboard session.
Thursday- snowbike ride at 15 PSI, 10 miles, 1,200 vert, 2 hours. snowboarding 2 hours.
Friday- trainer workout, high cadence and 1 leg pedaling for 1.5 hours. nap. snowboarding.
Saturday- 1 hour run at the ski area, 4 miles. 3 hours snowboarding.
Sunday- Powder day! 1 hour hike to the summit for 1st tracks. 7 hours snowboarding.

Huh? snowboading is not training? Oh well, its fun anyway.

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I like Paddy's idea of adding work time in there too so I'll follow suit. Here's last week.

Monday - Fixed commuting 31 miles 2 hrs, worked 9 hrs

Tuesday - See Monday

Wednesday - Fixed commuting 27 miles 1 3/4 hrs, worked 9 hrs, 1 1/2 hrs power yoga

Thursday - Fixed commuting 32 miles 2 hrs, worked 9 hrs

Friday - Fixed commuting 27 miles 1 3/4 hrs worked 8 hrs

Saturday - Ran errands on ss, maybe 10 miles

Sunday - SS mt bike at Belmount Plateau, 19 miles, 4 hrs, super technical trails

About 175 miles total. Felt pretty good. I really need to get to bed earlier, I can feel myself getting worn down slowly as the week goes on. Got about 5 - 6 hrs each night. Guess Ive got my sleep deprivation training schedule worked out pretty good.

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Nice thread!

Here's last week for me, which was pretty typical - as snow melts and days get longer, I'll be outside more soon:

Mon. - strength training (I'm currently in the anatomical adaptation phase from Joe Friel's "Mountain Biker's Training Bible", moving to maximum strength phase next month)
Tue. - 2 hours on the trainer watching Gladiator
Wed. - more strength training
Thur. - trainer again, watching the Lamb of God live performance DVD "Killadelphia" (any other metalhead mountain bikers out there??)
Fri. - more strength training
Sat. - 21 miles outside in the snow, lots of fun! Just figured out that ski goggles work great for biking in the cold.
Sun. - active recovery day (i.e. I played in the snow with my daughter)

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Mon: 5 hour snowy road ride on ss 29er mtb. 12 oz. coffee, 3 laramer bars and 2 slices of pizza.
Tue: 1 hour slushy road ride on ss cx bike. 12 ounces of coffee and a coffeecake
Wed: 1.5 hour wet road ride on ss cx bike. 12 ounce coffee.
Thur: 1.5 hour road ride on long climb route with ss 29er. No coffee :(
Fri: 1.5 road ride with random shortcuts through wooded areas. No coffee.
Sat: Rest day involving 12 hour day at work
Sun: 8 hours of skiing in trees until my legs catch on fire. 24 ounces of ghetto vending machine coffee, three sandwiches, a chocolate bar and a pack of gummy bears.
This does not include my 6 mile bike commute to work or the coffee that I drink there.
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