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A pretty rare thing in most of the UK to get a decent snowfall, so made the most of it, doing a 150 mile round trip on some pretty bad roads (snow) for a ride in Wales on the old Marin trail. Now I know it has its haters, but I like it as it feels more natural than some trail centres do. And when it looks like this, I dont think you can argue!:D
My van

Deserted trail head

My ride for today

Tracks in the snow, mine and a Fox I caught up with a little way up from here... He was way to quick to catch a pic of tho'!

At the top of the first climb

The view aint bad!

Neither man nor beast before me today!

Old mine workings

Pretty sure this is Snowdon... (not well up on my Welsh mountains TBH!)

Snowdon(!) again, trail leads off on the left, a bit called 'Dragon's tail' and it is a great section!

Could almost pass for a spring day!

Thats all folks!

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The weird and nice thing about snow is the peace and quiet. If there are critters and birds there, they are quiet and it makes everything you feel more important. I miss the snow. That mountain is alluring
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