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A short commuter compilation.

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A new and improved version, proberbly only for those with spesial intreast but I had to try my GoPro hd and there is too much snow to get out on the trails....

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I can't wait go get home where the network doesn't block anything worth looking at so I can check that out.
Sounds like we have the same employer..... :rolleyes:
Cool Vid ;)
How do the motorists treat ya?
I general, they treat me good. Its not often I have to stop before a road crossing, as you can see on the vid.

There are always some who are morons, but its the part on the cycle/foot path that is normaly the worst. Fellow cycle commuters without lights or not watching where they ride are the largest threat to my saftey.

Its a great commute that I do daily, I will have to do one video for in each season.
Nice! Looks like a cool route. I really want to get a helmet cam now and do a '4 seasons' vid of my commute. that would make an awesome thread. EVERYBODY RUN OUT AND GET A HELMET CAM!!

I see you have people who stop walking in the middle of the path over there too. I thought that was just Americans. :lol:

Loving the little kid on skis. How many of us can say we pass little kids cross country skiing during our commute?

It's a cool window into someone else's little world to see this kind of thing. How do people live without something like this kind of adventure as part of their normal routine?

Cool music too.
Great video Fux! I've seen the pics from your commute that you've posted before, but the video really puts things in perspective. Looks like a fun route, especially the icy, downhill run at the beginning!
I enjoyed your commute! If anyone else's computer is too tired to play the linked version (because of the HD maybe?), I clicked on the "view it on youtube" & it worked fine. Looks like the shoulders near those ledges are not generous even on a warm day...and got to love the people that can't wait until after the hairpin turn to pass.
great vid seems that you have a really step hill there...and the little kid on his skis was awesome :D

tech: how was your go pro set up ...1080?
I filmed 720 @ 30fps.

As for the hills, there are about 25 but it would be boring if I included them all. I opted for the switchback hill, localy known as the question mark hill because it looks the hardest.
How long is your ride?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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