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Got these 2 brand new:

Should I;

1. Keep them both in case one broke?

2. Keep one, Push it, sell the other one ?

3. Sell them both and get:
a: a CCDB?
b: an Avalanche?
c: a BOS? (I'm French so I might be patriot for once :D)
d: DHX RC4?
Whatever the choice, a Titanium spring will be use.

DH use only (Racing and Bike Park)
185cm/ 75kg

I'm not in a Hurry so I can wait for anything.

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keep both. I've heard good things about the vivid on DHR's, so I could see that as a good way to go, and the DHX is by no means a bad shock. it's good to have spares for races too. sucks to have your day ruined by a messed up shock.

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agreed. im all about spares on race day and stop just shy of bringin a spare bike with all the crap i have in my race box.

im still lookin for a deal on a resi shock for my '06 dhr. if anyone has a line on somethin, please let me know.

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Which tune is the Vivid? From the hardware, it looks like it might have come off a Sunday, in which case it's probably the "A" tune. I'm not sure how that will feel on the DHR. I've been running the "B" tune Vivid on my DHR and love it.

Some more info on the different Vivid tunes:

The eye ot eye, shaft travel and tune are engraved near the red rebound knob.

And according to SRAM...

If Leverage Ratio = Wheel Travel / Shock Travel

For flat rate
Tune A: 2.0-2.4 Leverage Ratio
Tune B: 2.4-2.85 Leverage Ratio
Tune C: 2.85-3.3 Leverage Ratio

For falling rate deduct 0.1 from the range.
For rising rate add 0.1 to the range.

In the 2008 spare parts list there is a part number for the different tunes - shims only and complete piston assy. The tunes are basically different shim stacks designed to work with different leverage ratios of bikes.

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kinda OT but what tune does have a aftermarket shock? i have nver seen that they are offered in different tunes for aftermarket.

as they are available in RFX size now i am thinking about to try one.

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