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Summer has not yet arrived and already we find ourselves committed to too many things with not enough time to truly savor them all.

Activities keep us focused, engaged, motivated, yet we seem to have trouble with the balance part of the equation. Always wondering how it got to be __ o'clock already, and with so much more to be done...

Thus the need to carve out time for us. Away from work, screens, friends. Grab bikes, ditch devices, go.

Even still, time is needed to shed the concerns of the day, to let go of that which still needs to be sorted out by tomorrow. Have to let go before you can hope to find the rhythm to the ride. Herky jerky climbing and breathing need to be focused on, until they smooth out. And then they don't.

At some point, different every time, the scenery and the fact that you're enjoying it with your best friend take over. Laughs come more easily, nods of appreciation automatic as she points out a trailside curiosity or a distant vista.

On this evening the honey light and abundant colorful flora take center stage. A near-record winter for precip means the wildflower season has been off the hook. Feels like the year of the mariposa to me, but that could just be because of the specific loops I've been riding.

Our loop is not ambitious, by design. The point is to be out, and together, and anything beyond that -- conversation, laughs, stories -- is just gravy.

We finish at dusk, the mood light, the feeling relaxed, then head home for a meal punctuated with strawberries from the garden.

Life is good.

Thanks sweetie.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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