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First, a big thanks to Hollywood for offering up his phone number to plan a ride. Turns out at the last minute I chose to bring my fixie road bike. I cut my teeth on the road rides in and around Country Country/Palmdale, so I figured I’d try a ride or two on my fixie. Since I ended up staying with a nice lady friend of my wife’s in Palmdale, the Soledad Cyn ride came to mind. A little history here, Greg Lemond made his bones riding the Acton Criterium, which is actually a 40 mile (two lap race) up Escondido Cyn and back Soledad Cyn. The weather was perfect; windy as usual but blowing in the right direction. Every once in a while the wind comes in from the west (opposite the Santa Ana's). I rode from the southern tip of Palmdale down Sierra Hwy to Sand Canyon. The ride is mostly down hill and it’s best to have the wind in your face, which its was, because the ride back is mostly uphill. Than I climbed up Sand Cyn, only about a mile climb but at an 8% grade and then hooked up with Soledad Cyn most the way back. There was also a little jaunt on Pearblossom Hwy; 4 lanes, 65 MPH with no bike lane. The ride was about 55 miles and took about four hours. So many memories that the ride ended before I new it.

I feel for you guys that don’t do road rides. Mountain biking is all about adrenaline and being in the moment, but road rides are about rhythm and endorphins. I haven’t ridden this ride for at least 15 years and it hasn’t changed much; just rolling hills and desert. There is also the fact that if you have (and ride) a road bike, there is always a place to ride and you don’t have to drive to get there. :rolleyes:

1G1G, Brad
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