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A rarity has occured, mucho sadness

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Our good buddy Tim has been violated, in a big way. Here is his dispair...

(from Bozeman)

"Bike lovers!Please Help! Someone got into my garage last night and stole my one year old dream bike. Green Santa Cruz Nomad with a grey Fox Talas, green Crank Bros acid pedals and Joplin adjustable seatpost. The only nice thing I own(ed?). Even took my helmet, pack, glove, pads, pump. helmet-cam. Gut wrenching. I removed all of the stickers, so it's a clean looking ride, not a backcountry billboard.AAAAAAUUUUUGGGHHH! 406-600-6544- Tim Hawke"
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That sucks....bad. I've seen Tim on the trails (ran into him and his riding partner on Leverich a month or so ago) and his bike is very nice and very recognizable. Folks, this bike is super clean and very recognizable.....probably the only bright green (stickerless) Nomad in Gallatin Valley.
i'll keep an eye out

here in mccall, id. nothing worse than someone stealing your baby.
I'll keep an eye out in Billings.

I tend to check out every bike that I see these days simply for my own curiosity!
It just happened again!

From Tim yesterday.

"HELP!!! This is the second time in a year someone stole my bike out of my locked garage in Bozeman! They took both my bikes and a stunt tricycle. Even took the helmet/gloves/pads/pump. They think they are going to ride it! I'm sure it's the same fools as last year. they took all of the same stuff! I'll post photos."

The stunt trike he rescued from a dumpster and fixed up. Around Bozeman these things are rare, so it may be a givaway clue for the thief. What also sucks is not only the theft of the Nomad, but the theft of his backup bike an 06 enduro. Haven't got a clue if it is from someone local or someone who travels through Bozeman this time each year. Tim lives for his riding, he is a local treasure as well, this hits him more than hard.
what was taken this time

The stunt trike, his specialized enduro, his baby, the new Nomad that replaced last years stolen green Nomad. Keep your eyes peeled!


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