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I wish Gary Fisher would sell other frames.

I love my year 2000 Gary Fisher Big Sur. It doesn't have any of the original bits, it can only accept a Hayes HFX disc (22mm chainstay) and it's old!

But I( recently did it all up with:

Mavic 519
XT nearly everything
Truvativ/Blackspire crank/rings
Titex flat tracker bar and bar ends
Liberator saddle
Tioga Factory XC kevlar bead tyres
nice lights...

Love it.

But why can't Gary Fisher capitalize more on the lovely Genesis geometry? I'd love to buy another Gary Fisher frame to build into another bike... but 500 GBP for a 2005 Big Sur frame is taking the michael. I don't give a monkies about the carbon fibre seat stays.. it's still made in bloody China!

Who here thinks Gary Fisher could work a market for more frame choices? Why not sell the pre carbon fiber seatstays Fisher Big Sur for 200GBP.

Anyway.. I just bought one of these:

It's very Fisher like in geometry and it was only 150GBP... looks fun.
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