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I just got a fork from Walt for my Dean s/s and I consulted him via email a few times before doing the deed. What I/we settled on is a tapered leg beaut that looks and feels great.
Here's the situation and the question.

I just left a Surly Instigator fork and was used to its burly, bombproof looking exterior and comparing it to the WW, the WW is tiny. I love the way it rides and have only three rides so far (12, 15 and 30 miles, mostly rocky, rooty singletrack).

How does it hold up in the long term? Just curious.

For the record, I am 190ish and don't do big jumps or ride like a bull in a china shop but I do ride rock gardens and roots pretty hard and I need faith in my stuff.

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at 230 i been riding a walt "big guy" model fork for going on 2 years now (in may).

i am no freerider but i have ridden this fork fast on some of the more gnarlyt trails we have in eastern PA without any issues.

i say, go forth with confidence!

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I'm 170 and have beat the crap put of my Walt fork for over a year. No sign of wear at all and haven't once considered putting my White Bros fork back on.

Note - Keith Bontrager did tell me to periodically check the weld for the disc brake tab, if there is going to be a failure it will be there. Not trying to sound alarmist, it's just the nature of a welded disc brake tab and it will not be catastrophic, you'll notice cracking starting to appear long before failure.
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