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Howdy all--
This is my first post, so to those who don't know me I'm a 19 year older XC rider. I used to dirt jump for about 4 years, I rode a standard motocross frame, answer forks, s&m slam bars, and some shitty one piece cranks. However, I'm now looking to sell that bike and as of last summer I purchased the Raleigh M80. I figured it would be a reasonable bike to get started with. Well, so far I realized that I desperately need to replace the pedals, and eventually the forks. I was wondering what else you guys and girls thought I should upgrade on the bike, whether it be to decrease weight, increase performance, or just in general. Also if you could give me some examples of some good light grippy pedals it would be much appreciated, I've been looking at the Azonic A-Frames, but they're a little pricey. Lastly, if you could suggest some good sites to purchase these upgrades from, that would also be a great help. Thanks, Vincent.
Stock Raleigh M80:
Frame Material: aluminum, butted
Fork: Rock Shox Judy TT, 80mm travel
Brake Levers: Shimano Deore
Handlebar: aluminum MTB
Stem: aluminum threadless
Headset: 1 1/8" Zero Stack Threadless WTB
Front Der: Shimano Deore
Crankset: Shimano FC-M440, 22/32/44 teeth
Rear Der: Shimano Deore LX
Pedals: resin MTB
Tires: 26 x 2.10" WTB VelociRaptor

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You probably paid a little over 1000$ for this bike? To be honest with you its not a bike worth upgrading. I have my 2004 ironhorse warrior comp with simliar components that I baught for 700$ and its just my going around town bike that I can leave locked outside places and sometimes take on the trails. For my real trail riding I have a santacruz heckler that I like allot but I paid 4500$ for it. I would say if your new to mtb, practice with this bike for a bit, hit the trails a couple times, you'll be alright with that bike and then when you save up money in a bit then go out and buy a new bike that will be your main trail bike. When you go out and buy your main trail bike in a bit, make shure you get every component on it you want, the bike shops will change the components on it how you want and then only change parts when they break. I would say buy it from a local bike shop in your area, you will get much better service and you can switch parts around how you like.


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Seeing you said you were an XC rider..

I would dicth the idea of getting 'grippy flat pedals'. They are heavy and flat pedals are not really suited to XC riding..

I would spend some money on some clipless pedals with some 'special SPD shoes'. Egg beater pedals are light and are a good way to get into the whole clipless area. As for shoes, go to your LBS and try on as many shoes as you can. The ones that fit your feet and your budget are the ones for you:)

That would be the biggest 'upgrade' you could do. And you could move to your next bikes in the future.. Don't be afraid of clipless pedals... you get used to them, and they are ALOT less painful then holes in your shins..

Cheap but good upgrades would include getting lighter tubes(maybe just for the front..), some different grips that you like(many people here like foam grips for comfort and weight savings) and a seat that you find comfortable(yet again.. another item you can move from bike to bike..).

On the list of 'expensive' upgrades, I would say get a new fork. It will save a HEAP of weight and will give you a massive increase in performance.

But at that stage, you may just want to look for a whole new bike like mentioned above. Theres nothnig wrong with the bike you have now, but when you catch the disease(upgradeitites) you will soon be spending WAY too much on that bike of yours...:)
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