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A question about floating brakes

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I ride a single pivot Chamuco, and have heard different views on putting a floating brake on it. MBA, along with other mags, say that single pivot REQUIRES a floating brake. My bike shop manager claims that I won't notice the difference/improvement with it on my bike. Due to the high price of item( $200-300) I would like some clarification on the usefulness of that modification on my Ventana before/if I decide to buy it. Sherwood, What's your opinion on this? Thanks

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I noticed your post and decided to reply myself. I run a floater set-up on my 04 El Cuervo. I can honestly say that for me it's essential now as I have ran the bike with and without it. You will notice when cornering if you have to get on the brakes hard, the bike will hook up in the corner instead of coming around on you. The floater eliminates a lot of wheel skip in rough corners so you retain more control and your cornering speed will improve. The floater also helps in steep and rough terrain by keeping the wheel planted when you're on the brakes. Believe it... I took the bike to Whistler two seperate times with and without the floater, now it's never coming off...
It's largely personal preference. It depends if you prefer anti-lift at the rear (where the brake induced suspension force tends to compress the suspension - or more accurately partially counters the extension from forward load transfer under braking) or ultimate tracking of the rear wheel over the ground (bump sensitivity). If you prefer the latter, then a floating caliper may work. Some pro DH racers use floating caliper setups, some don't.
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