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The Brimstone Trail

If there's no single speeds in Heaven
Then I'll take the Brimstone Trail.

Where it's always 39 degrees
Yet the wind drives stinging hail.

And a dog at every lane way
To chase my spinning wheels

Where the roads are full of potholes
And my road rash never heals

Where the headwind never ceases
No matter where I turn

Where my quads are always aching
And my glutes will always burn

Where my headset's always knocking
And my wheels are never true.

Where climbs seem never ending
And decents are far too few

If there's no single speeds in Heaven
Where the Saints and Angels dwell

Please let me take my chances
And my bike with me to Hell.

Ride Good or Eat Wood
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Nicely composed! Happy holidays!!:thumbsup:
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