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Lots of impressive war stories in this forum. One common thread is that typing sucks when you injure your finger/hand/arm.

I'm the independent developer of one-hand keyboard layout software. It's a PC app. I think some of you might find it useful... wanted to post it here.

One-Hand Keyboard Layout Software | Type with One Hand

It's a layout that's based on two-hand muscle memory, so if you were already a touch-typist before your injury, you'll be typing again with one hand in no time at all.

***How It Works:***
Examine how the keyboard is laid out. The motion you use to type "G" is the same motion you use to type "H". Index finger, home row, towards the center of the keyboard. Same with "E" and "I": middle finger, top row. It's the same motion, but with the other hand.

So, when you want to type a key on your bad hand, type the good-hand equivalent instead. It's the same finger, same motion as the key you should be typing, the only difference is that you're using your good hand instead of the injured one.

Our brains are amazing. Your left hand already has the muscle memory to type right-hand characters. It's kinda like that thing where you can't draw a circle with one hand and a square with the other at the same time. The wires are crossing somewhere. You already know how to type with one hand.

For example, to type "this" with your left hand, you would hit the keys "tges". Left-hand characters are typed normally, and for right-hand characters type the left-hand equivalent instead. Like I said, your brain already knows how to do this without you thinking about it.

So the raw key input "tges" is gibberish, made up of all left-hand keys. My software runs predictive text algorithms as the input is coming in. So it always appears as if you're typing the most likely word, "this".

Free trial on the website. It's an unlimited trial, so use it for as long as you want. The trial should be enough for most people... have your work expense it if you want a few extra features.

I've just launched this, and I'm trying to get feedback from injured typists. Anyone want to give it a try? I'd appreciate any review or comments. Thanks!

NOTE: I realize this is flirting the line of advertisement/spam. That's not my intention. It's designed to help injured people. Happy to answer any questions.
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