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I live in the UK.

I weigh 205lbs naked. I got muscle.

I want to build a strong wheelset for my Pitch.

I was thinking a set of DMR Revolvers (inc. 6 pawl rear)/DB spokes/DT E540 rims. 36 hole.

I can get Hope Pro 2 hubs for the same price as the DMR Revolvers but I don't like the idea of the aluminium freehub and I do like the idea of the 6 pawl hub and tall flanges of the DMR Revolvers. I figured that these tall hub flanges coupled with the DT E540's rather exceptional height (relatively small ERD) would build one heck of a wheel that would need little attention.

I need some help. Does the above sound like good logic? Does anyone know if the DMR Revolver 6 pawl can be converted to 10mm through axle or 10mm QR?

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