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My fatboy came in and I took the first real ride yesterday. I'm posting this here because it's really not about just the fatboy but also my reaction to a fat bike.

I rode a pugs a little a couple of years ago and was intrigued but it was much too heavy for an old guy with a bad back. So, I went for a light one now that there's a small selection.

The overwhelming sensation is "I can ride that stuff" I rode Rock Garden and the Mini Rock Garden at Rockville hills fast and casually (mostly) where I normally suffer from tightened spincteritis. Same for all the roots and rocks and especially the loose rocky places. The ability to ride rough stuff is an order of magnitude better.

The ride is rough. I'm used to a full suspension 26'er. I discount my suspension until I ride my old hardtail or this fatbike. Get a fatbike with suspension and you're as heavy as the old pugs.

Yes, 4.6" tires have some give. Think a full suspension bike with 1.5" of travel.

I think that fat tires on super rugged downhill bikes would make tough surfaces into baby's butts. With a downhill bike, the weight wouldn't matter so much. It wouldn't surprise me to see some really competitive in future downhill races.

I think that rough cross country courses would also benefit from supertires but the racer would have to be tough given a somewhat rough ride.

One major reason I wanted a fatbike is to ride cross country mostly in open forest and oak grass lands. And I mean cross country, not going across the country on trails. The bike is superb on pasture (my pasture) and goes across our compost heaps like a champ. It will definitely be better for this kind of cross country than the old 2.4" tires on the FSR.

I had to watch my cadence because there were paces where the bike tended to bounce rhythmically like the old trek hardtail - maybe a hardtail habit. I think that tire pressure in fat bike is a whole new area to explore.

The fat boy specifically:

The bike is light - only four pounds heavier that my FSR-XC. Gears are great and the shifters work well for grip shifters. Brakes are OK - I'll put on XTRs when these wear out. Good luck locking up the rear wheel with that huge nubbley tire - it takes some serious lever action!

The seat post clamp uses an allen wrench. What? Why would they do that? It makes moving the seat up and down for hills really complicated. I'm going to replace it with a quick release as soon as I figure out how these clamps are attached. Any suggestions for a clamp?

I don't have a rack or water bottle cage yet so I wore a pack with a camelback. I HATE riding with a heavy pack!! I'm just saying no to camelback. But, that's another thread.
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