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a little taste of new mexico...

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here's a little taste of the stuff we ride in albuquerque.i bought a camera not to long ago so i'm kinda learning how to use it.hope you guy's like it...peace...RCC.


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If only I wasn't 1500 miles from there..
thanks guys,yeah otero canyon houses some really sweet single track.and if you make it up the sandia mountains gets even better.later.
yep. spent a week up there last April. foothills, otero, cedro, and sandia peak were all great rides.

I always question all the Texans here why they will drive straight through NM to go ride CO and UT. Then turn around and drive back straight through NM.
in fairness, from some parts of Texas, you drive through Oklahoma to get to Colorado (Oklahoma borders Colorado on the South).
The list of places I want to ride just got longer :thumbsup:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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