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Since it's gonna rain, and I got nothing better to do here's some 29" SS photos my wife got at the local short track race in Charlotte, NC.

First we got blog celebrity Arleigh Jenkins (Arsbars) riding in the all male (except her) SS class. A nice classic Karate Monkey set up simple and light with V's. She looks simply smashing in her argyle Twin Six jersey, dontchathink?

Next up we have local legend and Godfather of Mountain Biking in the 704, Jack Crouch. He was a full suss'er for life just a year ago. Now look at him rocking the big wheels and SS.

There's always one in the crowd. Here's Patrick Swayze holding onto his goofy bar equipped On One. He's also an Avid BB disc using/Rods of Steel cable system having kind a guy.

And then there's me on the Skittle's bike. It felt pretty good on the banked short track course, even if I'm too little to enjoy the advantages of a 29'er. ;)

I can't say I was taking the race all that seriously, but I was having some serious fun. Now that I got the bike set-up in a manner to suit how I ride it just disappears underneath me. It feels natural, like I've been riding it for years. Can't wait till my Thomson shows up this week and I can get rid of the chun-a-lunk stem that's on there now. It's crushing the aesthetics.


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