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a little help with squeaks

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hey guys....i brought my bike in to get the fork serviced a bout 2 weeks ago...i only got to ride once since then....anyway, they managed to spill a hell of a lot of fork oil on my disc brakes...i cleaned the rotor with alcohol, but they still squeak to all hell and the front brake doesnt work so well as far as stopping power...

my question is, can i remove the pads and wipe them with alcohol as well? im assuming theres still oil on the pads....i just dont wanna f* anything up..i know i can get the pads out and back in so just need to know if i can clean them with alcohol.

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If there is oil on your pads, you need to torch them to burn off the oil and then sand the pads in a figure-8 pattern. It is not 100% effective. The best way is to just replace the pads.
wow really? crap, thos jerk offs...
It might be worth bringing this to the shops attention. Maybe they didnt know that they spilled the fluid, so they might give you new pads:rolleyes: . If they dont help you out you may just have to break down and buy new pads.

Either way it stinks.
yeah i may call them...kinda much do pads go for?
Just buy new pads, this has happened to me before, I did everything including washing them with ammonia, but they never work the same... Just get new pads.
New pads depend on what brakes you've got and what compound you're buying. They're typically around 20 to 30 dollars.
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