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A little help on Geo if you please

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I have an 18" Jaberwocky. Love the bike but it has taken me a long time to get anything close to dialed in. Went through some handlebars and stems, etc.
At a demo day last year I rode a Rumblefish II, XL. It has a 26mm longer EFT. It was all they had when I came over to ride so I gave it a shot. Most comfortable geo I have ever experienced. I thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion it was more than the full suspension, it had to be something about the longer EFT. So I lengthened my stem to 130mm from 105mm and got a good bit more comfortable. However, it is not as good as it could be, I keep finding myself wanting to stretch out, and I am not lengthening my stem any more. The frames I have seen with longer ETF's also have standovers in the 33" range which hurts, I mean it physically hurts.
Are there any production frames out there that have EFT's in the 640mm range and standover in the 32" range or is this a bit too unusual and I would need to go custom for my next frame?

My geo is 6" with a 32" inseam. Not unusual but I feel cramped on most bikes built for folks in the 6" range, just the way I ride I guess.
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FWIW , Fishers and Giants run long in the top tube . There will be others I'm sure , these are ones that I have first hand experience with .
Gary Fisher by Trek's 21" hardtail has a 643mm TT with a 32.2" standover. Their dual suspension bikes have slightly higher standover at the same size.
I am thinking you guys are on target. At least I might find a good deal on a used frame to see if the geo is right without spending a lot.
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