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A little help on first bike purchase

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I am new to mountain biking and really dont know all that much. I have been to a few bike stores and have started to do a little research. I want as good a bike i can get for under $500. I have tried the following bikes and would appreciate all feedback...

Specialized Hardrock Sport - $360
Scott Reflex 40 (2006) - $400
Scott Voltage Yz3 (2005) - $360

Trek 4500 (2007) - $470

Thanks for any and all help.
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Of the 4 choices you listed above I would go with the Trek 4500 all around it's a pretty durable bike with decent components. The frame is pretty light weight the shock is good. You can always upgrade later.
Definitely the Trek 4500. My friend has that bike and it is a great first bike with a good frame.

Sounds like i shall go for the Trek then. I also liked the bike shop that the 4500 was at a lot better.
Thanks for the help and im sure i will have more noobish questions to ask in the future.
If you like the shop and the bike, things look good.
Just make sure you get a bike that is the correct size (length) for you.
Check out the specialized rockhopper (base model). I think it's msrp is $500.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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