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...a little footage is better than none...

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Realize that many of you are unable to ride right now for various reasons....

I wasn't going to post this vid at all because we were just out messin' around. Brother-in-law was down visiting from St. George and we had several riders out on borrowed bikes. My 6'2" son is on his 5'9" dad's 1999 old school Motolite (A size or two too small) and struggling to keep the bike from sliding out from under him all the time. But we had fun. We didn't bomb down, just took our time and played around a bit on Somo…on a lazy afternoon between football games.

If you've been off your bike for awhile…and will pretty much hit on anything…..a little somethin'-somethin' for you…..

Shane's Somo Ride from Steve Connolly on Vimeo.
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Very nice vid there,

the first rock feature, is that the famous" waterfall "i have heard about?


kiwimtbr said:
the first rock feature, is that the famous" waterfall "i have heard about?

The second feature....(where Brandon skids on his butt on his 1st attempt..) is actually the lower waterfall. 1st feature is just an alternate line through one of the switchbacks below the waterfall...
I really enjoyed the video. Currently 11* and dropping with a bunch of snow. The frame broke on my bike on 12/23. But..a good friend let me use one of his bikes. So... run what you have & be glad you are healthy enough (mentally is optional) to pedal. We can't all be Rock Stars on Wheels. Thanks for sharing.
i wish i was there not here i hate snow


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cool vid

fun seeing how different riders handle the same line, ditto for the bikes. That second feature had a tuff stop at top, otb drop at bottom, nice!
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