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I like building and buying bikes and bike parts. Recently I bought a 2006 Trek FuelEX8 for my loving wife Patti. When I got the frame I weighed it right away, 6 lbs. I was a little upset that it wasn't less. So I started to disassemble her last ebay frame I bought her, too big. As I took stuff off I layed it to the side. I finally got it down to the bare frame. Then it came off the bike stand and the newer one went on. First I think I put on the crankset which I got from the same owner of the frame. A nice Bonty 170mm armed crankset. Patti is short at 5ft4inchs. I was very surprised at how easy this Bonty crankset went on. Then I located the nice free set of XTR spd pedals the guy threw in with the frame and mounted them. Nice guy uh. I then grabbed the old rear tire setup, tire, tube, rotor, you get the picture, I weighed it and oh my goodness 6 lbs. I the grabbed the front tire and fork assy and weighed it too, 12 lbs. Next the headset. I drove out the old cups and hammer in new used ones. Grabbed the Mars Bomber fork with 100mm of travel with coils springs and put it in. This headset was bad too. So I ordered a new one, to arrive shortly. So the fork came out again. Next I installed the seatpost another Bonty part, from the guy, and mounted her old seat to it and slide it in the bike. Nice. Then I found that I needed a frt derailluer. I checked my stock of parts but found nothing that fit. Then I remembered Rix-ster ordered one (XT too) from Chain Reaction that didn't fit his needs so I got it from him and it worked great. I also bought a XT rear derail. from ebay and when I installed it I noticed the bottom cog was loose. So I grabbed a allen wrench to tighen it and that made it stop spinning. Interesting I thought so I loosen it up until the cogs spins and no that's not gonna work. So its off to the scrap bin for more parts. I found a purple ano cog from the 80's and that worked fine. Doesn't match a dame thing but oh well. Now here comes the meat of my problem. I want to make this bike light (like her Ti Voodoo D-Jab) but I'm starting with a 6 pound frame. So I need a light wheelset and lighter brakes and stuff. I just found a super nice deal on a set of Stans Oly. rims and American Classic hubs, lost that bid by 3 secs and 11 dollars. DAMN. So I still need some nice wheels. The present ones are XT disc on Mavic XM317 rims with straight gauge spokes not a lite setup by any means, as I found out today doing a spreadsheet on hubs and rims. Looks like the litest things out there are American Classic hubs and Stans ZTR rims with double butted spokes and alloy nipples. The brakes currently are BB7's new ones and I just found on ebay a set of new Magura Louise, I won this one. They are coming soon. I got a Easton Scandium handlebar at the swap meet (free) and some XT triggers (swap meet) that will find their way onto the bike as well as a 8 speed cog set. Just realized that the disc brakes and the XT shifters wont work together, (4 brake handles) so I guess I wont be building a 8 speed anymore. I have some new X7 triggers 9-spds sitting around so I guess she is going to get these now that the hydro's are coming. This means I need a new 9 spd cassette. Arrggghh. The trials and tribulations of a home bike mechanic.
So does anyone have a lite set of wheels or a old XT or Scam 9 spd cassette their not using?? More work is planned this Saturday. Probably taking the old bad headset out and putting in the new one if it arrives in time. I think when done with this build it might weight 30 lbs. :eek: I've got lighten her up some more.
Thats all for now. Pictures to come later. I have to go train for the 2xbypass this Sunday.
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