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A little cross training for ya!

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To all:

I have taken the job of webmaster for District Six motorcycle trials in Pennsylvania.So, I decided to pass this on to anyone interested in the sport of motorcycle trials. The other club I belong to Back Mountain Enduro Riders(BMER) has hosted trials events in the past and I'm sure we will again soon in our area. Many of the BMER guys ride MTB as do the motorcycle trials riders! It is composed of many separate clubs who host events of competition and social nature. The people are very helpful and friendly.

These bikes are quiet and can be ridden in your back yard. All ya gotta have is a few rocks or logs for hours of fun. MC trials competition is fun since you challenge the course and not the other riders directly like moto. It helps mt biking in a big way as you will learn great balance skills.

Happy viewing and glad to answer any questions or provide help at:
[email protected]

Is "that" your car DUDE?


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