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Remember it's just jokes catered toward all of the forums :)

A hater's guide to internet bicycle forums
By furiousstyles
Please adjust, spread, enjoy, hate upon, and pointlessly upgrade (which ever is applicable) Oh boy, where to start? For one, if you are capable of sitting on your bicycle this is not the place for you. The founder himself is then likely to insult your cat. Predominately 13 year Canadian boys, likely the unknown progeny of folk from that crazy trip to Whistler way back when. They like to spend their lunch money on 5k DH bikes and insult each other rather creatively, I might add. I thought personally being called a "crap box" was pure gold. All encompassing depending on the forum, but generally like to spend their 'tech sector' paycheck on 5k XC bikes and insult each other rather un-creatively. Surprisingly probably the nicest forum out there partly because it's heavily regulated (I think by Teamsters). This is the one to join if you like to talk about Rad! and the intricacies of PB Blaster. Think old school and retro without the 'hip'. By 'hip' I mean their original one. Now it's made out of custom titanium. People on are jealous of this. Everything custom and titanium is worthy of envy (965g lighter than the stock hip!) They like old bikes, but not that old. But they're English so just as boring. Their threads lack that pizzazz that angry Americans can pull together so well. See but they are only interested in the Helltrack part of Rad! with none of that "Send Me An Angel" freestyle crap. Supposedly the elite of old school BMX collecting. I wouldn't know because until now I did not know owning a kids bike made you elite anything. Like soccer, trials is a weird sport that foreigners enjoy. I suggest you sign up and talk about that guy who did that 'back flip' off a tree and rode his bike on a fence. They will then accept you with loving arms. Hipsters started a support group. That's why they get to be a 'dot org'. I have no idea but they are probably going to be dicks. They must have a back door deal with Google. Every time you Google anything about bicycles you will get a thread from here with grumpy old men arguing with each other. Please, if I wanted "grumpy old men arguing with each other" I would Google that.
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