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A great weekend

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Managed to spend about 7 hours out and about on the bike this weekend.

From Saturday's a solo ride near "The City Above the Clouds"

The view from the Southern end of Rampart Range Road

This lake side singletrack is just right

Another view of Pikes Peak

Required wildflower content

Looking back down one of the many coves
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Followed up with three rides a Palmer Park on Sunday. First I took my daughter out on the trail-a-bike, then my son on his bike, followed by an excursion with Kristian.

My boy

Kristian somewhere on the Templeton trail
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nice pics, were those lake pictures from rampart resevior?? can't wait til my kids are old enough to ride with me!!
Yep, that's Rampart. I haven't ridden there for a couple of years (testament to how good the riding is around the Front Range). Other than the gravel surface, seems like a good ride for just about any level of rider.
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