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a great day helping fire damaged trails

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yes its the norcal forum but this story comes from my vacation to Santa Barbara

got up at 7:00 then drove over to Skofield park on the way passing a sign that said "now entering high fire zone. there was about 100 yard of live brush them black charred oak, manzanita then homes with nothing but chimneys. i arrived at the park which was not fire damaged at all there was a meeting there was over 100 people. we split in to groups of 20 folks are group got shuttled to the top of tunnel trail past burnt slopes and burnt houses we get to the top of tunnel trail where it had not burnt. We then split in to groups of 4 and walked thru the fog and then out of no where the trail smelled like smoke the manzanita did not even look real burnt just standing in the fog. we moved down the trail and moved shale that just kept coming down the hill there was no end to it the soil was still hot from the fire even thou it had be a few weeks from when the fire happened we came around the bend and a local with his wonderful mule Ruthie was loaded with gatorade for the volunteers are group and ruthie parted ways. we hoped on the rattlesnake connecter cut brush we cut dead manzanita there where tiny shoot popping up from every thing but the toughest that was alive and blooming was the yucca it was very neat to see. then we met up with another trail crew that had started from the bottom we hiked the next 3 miles down to the park they had catered lunch that was the best food from a place called the chicken ranch. in all it was 7 mile hike one of the most amazing things i have done. here are photos from it.

fire map

all th people who showed up



trail closed

mission falls

mission falls

no trail all shale

ruthie on the trail

yucca are tough

still life down in the canyon
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i drove to ventura yesterday and i drove through the fire area on hwy 154. It was horrible how much damage there was in the area. very sad. thank you for helping out.
thank you it was very fun
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