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Chilling out
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or, Goodbye, See you on the coast, to Mohshee and TBFKAHG

The two of them are getting ready to leave Austin for points east now that she's gone and graduated and found a job and all, but "one last visit to Flat Rock Ranch" is what they said ... at least until they have an excuse to go biking while visiting family in San Antonio, anyway.

So a couple of us connected and had a good day out, boy it was a bit breezy here and there, but sure beautiful and very temperate of temperature.

The day started very breezy and cool, as in high 50's to low 60's *out* of the 30 mph wind. I had gone out to the ranch early to get in a few extra miles (just 'cause I love the trail, it's *only* XC but it *is* a great one and fun), and started riding about 8:30-ish.

I got a good loop and some playing about on the upper loop, then circled back to the parking area and caught up with the rest of the gang, whereupon they mustered right back up the trail I had just ridden.

Ah well, no worries. We proceeded to work our way around the ranch in the sequence of the "expert" race loop, so about 26 miles all in all.

Except of course for the two dropouts later in the day, on the lower loop. We started shedding riders for reasons of exhaustion, or broken bikes.

The day dawns crisp and clear. View from the top of the upper loop, looking over much of the ranch, towards the west. You can see some of the trail here and there, and some of the jeep road access too.

TBFKAHG and Shaggy heading down ...

Mohshee cruises through, stylish as ever.

Firaz also seems to like this spot.

Shaggy rolls the rooty mini drop

but Mohshee chooses to catch a little air (back tire air...)

TBFKAHG climbs the ledge, at the top of the short climb, and nicely too.

But all is not Duckies and Bunnies, as Mohshee's chain drops yet again (three or four times today). Dang sliding Paragon Sliding dropouts. Must get the non-sliding Sliders ...

Mohshee rolls the Evil Worm (my favorite pic of the day)

Somewhat to his surprise, so does Firaz

Addendum, I failed to mention that everyone but me was on a 29er, and only Mohshee had a suspension fork on hers, the boys were "riding rigid" as it were ...

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Hmmmm, maybe I need to start riding a rigid bike and ditch the full suspension if it'll turn me into a jacked hard-ass like your boy Firaz. Dude's got some pipes.
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