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A Good Fork?

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Hey just wondering, i am in need of a dule crown fork 170mm-200mm, i weigh 210 and 5,9, i have a Marzochi Junior T, looking to upgrade and i need some advice, not looking for a Boxxer WC or Fox 40's or Marz 888's just something i can ride and not worry about. im into FR and DH so i take 4-8 ft drops.
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Yes I've used both.

1) check over in the 'shocks' forum and

2) Jr T - I think there was an ungrade possible to a Super T by replacing the innards, cannot recall, or try to find a Super T, head and shoulders better than a Jr T.

Boxxer Team is a good choice works very well for a good price.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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