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So I went riding yesterday in the Santa Monicas after 7 days straight of work and 12+ hour days. I felt tired and out of sorts and knew that it was going to hurt but I had that feeling, you know, you just need to ride.

Maybe it was me, who knows, but although there were not that many people out, every single one said hello. Even hikers. And everyone was smiley. The recent grumpy rudesters in Sullivan weren't out on a damp January monday.

The trails were so nice. I did see some damage here and there from back tire sliding in the wet dirt, but not too bad. Broken/bent arrow, dead car, jeep-trail, or whatever you call it is nice and tacky but the rains have made the trails edge so soft and delicate. I rode carefully to not mess it up. Hope others are careful too.

Backbone was crowded - with rabbits out eating the new grass that has sprung up overnight, and with birds. The black ones, you know, that like to dart out of the shoulder high grasses as you are rolling by. One got confused and flew in front of me as I was rolling along pretty fast, literally 3 inches in front of my tire for a few seconds - I had enough time to think "Oh god I'm going to kill it" but then it did a crazy cartwheel into the brush.

I saw no people at all on Backbone. First time that has happened to me. It was gorgeous.

I was sore and tired when I got home but glad I rode.

That is all. Happy riding.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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