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Here are some pics of our SingleSpeed forays into the woods these last few days at Tolt/MacDonald park and St. Edwards/Big Finn in the Seattle Area. With a little rain last weekend and some occasional sun the trails are in great shape, no more than 30% mud. However, those 30% were deep and gooey. I was kicking myself for taking the fenders off before we left.

Adam(single1x1guy) and Chris(the RedGreenSShow) still looking fresh after the big climb up the hill

Adam going so fast up and over a slippery root I could not keep him in focus

Chris wheelie-ing up a slippery board and over a root

Ian (MinesAPint) going the opposite direction:

The bikes all muddied and loaded up for the trip home, Chirs's CUSS, Ian's Kona, and My Vulture. The sportworks racks are pretty sweet!

And the last one of Chris not quite making it over the log at Big Finn. He's ok, folks, he did not impale on any of those scary looking bits.

Riding four days in a row was pretty nice, but the quads are really feeling it now. Probably time to hit the hot tub.
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