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A few pics from Saturday and Sunday

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Had to dust off the winterbike, but Sunday was fantastic...hope to have a few more weeks on the home trails :)


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A few more


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That looks like a great ride.

I got out for a quick rail trail ride on friday while it was snowing, it was pretty amazing. here in hamilton all the snow was gone by saturday morning.

The possibility of winter biking now makes me want a winter bike, something better then my commuter, but not as expensive as my rockhopper. I dont think that will be happening any time soon though, no extra funds at the moment.
Nice pics JM01. I did the same things this weekend at Albion Hills. Both days the riding was fantastic, but I am afraid it is almost over. I cannot imagine riding there in deeper snow as I need traction for all those climbs.
i hear that its warm and rain for Sunday thru Wednesday...we may get a few more trail rides yet
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