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I thought I'd start a seperate thread about shocks, other than Fox, being used on Maestro Suspension on any Giant model.

I guess I'm looking for a shock that will be more plush.

My experience with the stock Fox, is lowering pressure for a plusher ride, increases the sag, lessons the amount of available suspension but still has some small bump chatter because of the non adjustable platform.

I have contacted Cane Creek a while ago about a cloud nine to fit the TX.
CC has a shock with the correct EtE and stroke but no bushings/spacers for the TX.

I've ridden a C9 on a single pivot frame and it rode PLUSH, much more linear than a Fox.
Of course Bob was always with me due sus design.

As theTX sus eliminates Bob and the need for a "platform" shock, I would think the CC C9 or AD12 would give a great ride.

I know many NRS riders upgraded and love either the C9 or AD12 from Cane Creek.

There may be fit issues in the confined lower shock mount area of the TX but CC shocks can be installed upside down.
Not sure if the bottom of the shock can be rotated (twisted)180 degrees from the top.
This would allow the Air fill to be facing forward on the top and the adjustment knob face to the rear on the bottom.

If anyone out there has ridden a TX, or any Meastro sus bike, with a CC C9 or AD12, PLEASE, give us a review of the ride quality.


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No experience with the Cane Creek stuff but I know folks who've used a Roco R Air on Reigns and really like the performance they've gotten. Or you could just send your Fox shock to PUSH and have them get rid of the platform while the tune it perfectly for you. Probably cost the same or less than getting a whole new shock.

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The guys at the Marz HQ near where I live told me that several guys there are riding Roco Air shocks on the Reigns and really like them. Call them and they will tell you which one works best for your TX (if they have one that fits).
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