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A couple pics

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I took these on my hike the other day, and i figure i may as well share them cuz i dont carry my camera with my while riding. So, sorry theres no bikes, but im pretty passionate about nice pics so its close nough.

Im new to this photography thing, and i didnt have many pics cuz i was trying to get the setting right. I hope i uploaded the images right... enjoy! :thumbsup:
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How do i upload them from my computer? i cant figure this out
To post picture the url address needs to be a "filename.jpg"
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Does this help? It won't work with the quick reply window. You have to use the "Post Reply" button.
View attachment 597204

Click on the "attachments" button above (the paper clip) and you should get the "browse" window below.

View attachment 597205

Find the files on your computer you want and then click the "Upload" button. The picture below shows the files have been uploaded.

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Finally, click on the down arrow beside the "attachment" button and it will show the files you have uploaded. Click on one to attach it inline in your message or choose "Insert All" to put them all in the message at once.
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joshman108 said:
lets see if i can do this..
close. copy and paste the bottom link from photobucket, the "IMG" one
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