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A cold solo ride in the Gulch

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17 degrees at the start,but when you are climbing it's perfect :)
Headed up nature trail to Ft.Leisure,was gonna hit the powerline,but the connector wasnt packed down.So down a cold/shady goeglein descent (brainfreeze!)
Next up the Gulch rd and up to meadow towards telegraph junction.At the junction,things got too narrow/soft so I headed back down.
It was a great ride,and sure beat hitting the roads! :p


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Nice brother! I'll be riding the muni today if the Mrs. can minimize my chores.
Nice Pictures!

I commuted on the mountain bike yesterday and today, if that counts for anything...

Studded tires and cheap fenders on the old hardtail actually make for a fairly comfy ride! :thumbsup:
Let me know when you guys want to borrow the Pugsly. I hate to see that machine collect dust over the winter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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