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Saturday was a small gathering of people to officially dedicate the Parcel of Land That NEMBA bought Better known as Vietnam.
I was privledeged enough to be invited and was actually one of the ride leaders .
I took the first group in.
first we had to get to "our" parcel of land . it stared out with 100 Yards of fun loving MUD !!!

We got there and here come some more riders from then next group


PK ! showing off riding with his eyes closed .

A few words

the Plaque

If you'd like to see it in High res it can be seen here
The Plaque, High res

Dave Watson From Kona Was there , and here he is with my son

Now lets ride this Land we Bought !

Ms. Grimble , Just riding along

Dave Watson , was using a Borrowed Bike , he had flown in from vancover last night, and didn't have a bike with him. , any way here he is enjoying some our lovely granite

Dave the "Silver turtle" doing a wall ride.

well That did not end well

Dave watson Doing it rather nicely

Hey Single speeders can do this too!

It was starting to rain, but not to bad , at least it held off .
my Son was having a blast doing this ride . He was by No means the slowest person there , and he even had to do a little showing off for every one .

and the My Wife was riding with us too

riding a spine

at this point the rain was getting a little worse and I need to get home so we veered off from the rest of the pack

But here is a last shot I got of the group riding away !


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awesome -

It's great to see land actually being preserved for future generations of riders rather than being turned into gated communities - maybe we can make a difference :cool:

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A lot of people on this board deserve thanks as well. I know Californicators Zonic Man, Finche Platte, ebo, Pete, & wg made contributions, and the crew from Over The Edge Sports in Fruita (and others in Grand Junction, such as Tiggerider) also sent donations. There are undoubtedly many others I'm not aware of who also donated.

It really impressed me that people who had never been to 'Nam, people who live thousands of miles away, would step up and help us make history. One of the coolest stories I heard at the dedication regarded the Bob Hong Foundation, who offered up a huge matching donation that generated tens of thousands of dollars and put us over the top. But nobody knew who Bob Hong was. Bob turned out to be a guy's dead cat, and this was his way of memorializing it.

Although I did not take this photo, it says it all for me. The person who took it sent it titled simply "Why we did it"




You guys are really fortunate. Here in California, that land would be worth five million dollars, so we can't afford to buy even one rock.
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