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A Bunch of Syllamo photos

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Spent the last few days in the Syllamo/Ozark NF area. Enjoy!

A vital stop on your way from Memphis to Mountain View:

Creek Crossing along the Jack's Branch (yellow) trail:

On top of Cedar Scrappy Mtn (combined section of Orange & Blue trails):


Sylamore Creek @ Blanchard Springs:

Blue Moon/Sunrise over the White River bluff:
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nice photos, when were you there? was it super muddy?
Nice Andrea,

Deer or dog?

Holler one day when you are going to be up there.
I've been itching to ride up there again.

Flyn G
scoutcat said:
nice photos, when were you there? was it super muddy?
Thanks! I was there Monday-Friday. The red trail is in great shape. The others are a mixed bag- a lot of the rock gardens are slippery & loose (which I figured out quickly makes them a lot more precarious than usual!), and there's water in the low spots, but a good part of it is dry.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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