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That first round of rain barely hit Coe, and the forecast was promising (especially compared with tomorrow!), so I found myself heading south around 9am.

But the whole idea of riding today was looking a bit foolish heading down 101:

It was a bit gloomy in the parking lot, with a steady light drizzle. One other biker and one equestrian were out on the trails. But no worries, and I headed out at 10:10.

This little guy was out in the very light drizzle, most of the way up Lyman Willson:

Still in the clouds along Wagon road, but the drizzle had stopped:

Clouds breaking up near the start of Center Flats road:

Scherrer Pond - that would be a great diving rock if the water were more than ankle deep:

A missing label at the top of Hersman Pond trail - but if you can't figure out where Dowdy Ranch is, no sign will help...

Clouds pretty mellow by now - the sign that got knocked over by the tree is still down:

Nice feature of stopping by Dowdy Ranch:

Some sort of space alien visited, but didn't want to use our gross toilets...

Getting sunny!

Vasquez trail is really fast and nice, a bit of low brush at the bottom but it's easily ridden:

Vasquez hole:

At the base of Vasquez Road - there was some fresh water on the leaves from a rain shower, but no worries now - other than the hill ahead!

Up to this point I had cleaned every hill, but I knew the reputation of this monster and the last time I was here I just walked the whole thing. This time I was determined to try to get it clean. After a quick hop over a downed tree on an easy section, everything went great until the final long, steep hill. Even there I was doing well, but a long stretch of wet leaves with small rocks mixed in felt like a series of russian roulette rounds with the tires...and about 100 yards from the top I lost. Some birds took off at the shouted expletives... Of course 100 yards is still about 3/4 of the length of the entire Mahoney Wall, so I didn't get too close. And once off, I was unable to get back on the bike no matter what I tried!

On an easy section of the climb up Vasquez Road:

Even up top, you never run out of is Coe after all...

Excellent views, it's pretty cool being on a huge windswept ridge:

The 4th of the 5 tarantulas today:

Luckily certain 4-legged animals prefer the meal in the foreground!

Along Bowl trail - the clouds are getting a bit threatening again:

At Bowl and Middle Steer Ridge - all downhill from here!

Route: HH - Lyman Willson - Bowl - Wagon - Center Flats - Scherrer + Scherrer Pond - Kaiser Aetna - Center Flats - Hersman Pond - Dowdy - Hersman Pond - Center Flats - Vasquez Trail - Long Dam - Wagon - Bowl - Middle Steer Ridge - HH

26.8 miles, 4:56 moving, 6:36 total, maybe 7K?

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Yep, hopefully the rain packs down the fire roads. Monday only got a bit of rain (0.12 inch at headquarters) and yesterday there was light cake-like dirt/mud sticking to the tires (until Center Flats where it had dried completely - or it just never rained out there to begin with). The past 24 hours has seen 0.55 inch at headquarters - hopefully enough to clean up the roads a bit, and not just turn the dust into mud!
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