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saw a few crews 'baitin yesterday up thar in them trails

'baitin supplies wuz in 5 gallon buckets

atvs, dirt bikes, dodge rams* and youngins gettin' lessons on 'baitin

if i would have seen smokey, i would have told him to get the F outta there

dirt was nice. ruts were present even with the water bars

i didn't see 'em baitin' on the eastside..which is actually on the westside of BBR

but, they may have been baitin' along RR

*this wasn't the "ram" that has the anti pedal biker 'tude

anyway..not sure if there will be guns, traps, or redz up there...but, 'tis the season for _baitin'
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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