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'94 Catalog Scans

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Here are a couple component lists from the catalog. I hope someone finds it useful!


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nice stuff... i like how the zaskar le comes under suspension... haha...
^ because it was available with a suspension fork. That's why.
what? as opposed to the xizang? that has a mag 21, and is under titanium, the regualr zaskar, has mag 21 and is under aluminium, not suspension, and the avalanche and the pantera... and the fisrt 3 in chromoly all have suspension forks... but arn't under suspension... somehow the zaskar LE is though...
I'm guessing they had a spot to fill to complete the page and make it even like the rest of the pages so they picked the front suspension model they knew thry'd be selling to most of. Todd Toth was GT's marketing and catalog layout guy back then and he's still around. We could shoot him a line a virtualbmx and ask him just to settle this silly squabble.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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