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93 Rockshox Quadra top cap

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I was helping my brother in law take apart his '93 Quadra fork and I lost one of the top caps. Now it's either replace it or find a replacement 1" threaded fork. Anyone know where I can find a top cap, and if a cap from any other fork would work? My other option is to have him measure the other cap, get the diameter and thread pitch to see if I can replace it with a metric bolt or pipe cap (he took the bike back to his place). The cap has a pre-set adjustment, but I don't think he'll mind loosing that ability.
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I still have R/S Top Cap upgrade kits I keep around, I use the spacers for other fork projects. P.M. me your address and I will put a new set of caps in the mail for you.
-John Y.
Thanks John, I just sent a message
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