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I have a fat bike, it needs a new BB, its a thread in cup race style with an axle and ring bearings.
The axle length is about 175mm from taper end to taper end (not counting the arm nut threads)
Been searching the web all day, I am probably missing some keywords in my search. 3 piece

Am I s.o.l. that I purchased a used bicycle with such an odd BB shell width that I won't be able to find a suitable replacement part, the axle bent from a nasty crash, its square tapered but I will take anything that fits.

In case anyone finds this and needs to find a solution.
So far I can only find a BMX crank where I get 83mm and use spacers or I go the route of a sick bike parts (acronym is SBP) that is 68-120mm mid drive bottom bracket, can also buy from Luna Cycle or Cyclone Taiwan.
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