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909 Today

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909 was in great shape today...happy holidays all.

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Nice pics, but the snowboard is out! Have fun though, and Happy Holidays to you too!
pedaler845 said:
909 was in great shape today...happy holidays all.

Bad Ass Mo FoRidden in the NY snow.
Been there ridden that. :thumbsup:
Good on ya guys (and Dog) you aint no *****s :thumbsup:
It was 60 and nice here in SF where we had to poach some good ST to get our roks off.:madman:
I will be going there for the first time on Saturday. Any tips, suggestions? I am new to the mountain bike scene but have been riding road for a while.
Here is a link to a decent map

If I were you I'd post up on the Fats in the Cats forum and hook up with some local riders to show you around.
You don't need to be a member to join the forum.

It's a good way to meet other riders in the area with local knowledge of the trails.:thumbsup:
Looking at a map every intersection is pretty tedious too.

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Nice map. Thanks for the link. I also joined the fats in the cats forums.
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