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907 Half Fat Conversion Questions

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Anyone built up 29er rear wheel for a 9:Zero:7? What challenges have you run into? Rim choices for the offset?

Also anyone have run a 80mm Vicious Cycle's Graceful fat Sheba in summer? Mine are drilled out 80mm GFS centered, with Paul 135mm front hub. Are they strong enough to make it through summer, or should I build up a non-drilled 70mm front wheel?
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My speedway 70's got a little wobbly after some dirt rides. Maybe build up a set with Surly LM XC rims. They are double wall and will stand up to any abuse. Then you can stay fat all summer.
I built me a 29 offset. Use the Bontrager Duster rim as it is offset. That is the way to go.
My Bonty Mustangs built up pretty well with Surly SS hubs, but next time I'd use a geared hub for more even spoke tension.
Thanks all. Good feedback. However, Id feel better with new wheels all around. So LM up front and stang in rear.
A few of us up here in the AK ran our 907's on 80mm g.f,s, all last summer and we will now not ride anything else. They roll over rocks and roots and float over muskeg and creeks like no other! Were some pretty big ole boys, and have not bent anything,and yes the rims are drilled.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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