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9 speed chain or other?

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:confused: I have a gusset SS conversion in the works (one major problem which I will get to). Gusset says not to use a 9 speed chain, should I consider something else? What kind of chain does anyone recommend? The problem I mentioned is that the shimano lockring doesn't fit into the spacer provided by Gusset, thus negating any benefit of the kit. It appears that Gusset used the diameter of the beveled edge of the lockring rather than it's actual diameter...Arggh!
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allow me...

Ok, here's the answers to my own post. 1. SRAM chain will work fine. SS chainring may be in order down the road. 2. I had a SEVEN speed setup, therefore the EIGHT speed conversion kit and associated spacers were too large! DUH! Soooo, if you are in my shoes, do you A: return the Gusset kit for your money back, or B: Grab the hacksaw and throw that sucker in a vice and go to town? B of course! Works great so far. Tolerances are not too crucial here. Good luck!

You are an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill.
I skipped that Gusset kit because it's too heavy. It's listed at 95 grams at some website, somewhere. :confused: I'm using some old spacers (2.5 mm) from defunct cassettes along with some 4.5 mm, Wheels, 8 to 7 speed spacers, with a Dura Ace lockring. The setup weighs about 40 grams with a cog.

The SRAM PC-58 chain seems to be the choice for conversions. It's a good quality, light chain that will work with most chainrings and cogs out there. Mine will probably weigh about 265 grams after I cut it to size.

That's a weight weenies opinion about this subject, anyway. :rolleyes:
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