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9 speed advice needed for first time build

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I'm about to start my first build-from-scratch bike, a Yeti 575. I have decided to make it a 9 speed due to how I generally ride. I currently ride a SS and a double with bash, I rarely ever get into the granny on the double so I figured I'd just leave it out all together here and save myself from buying/installing a front derailleur.

Is there anything special I should be thinking about in doing this? I'm a noob at this but I'm using this as a way to learn more about bike maintenance and tuning. I'm planning on using a SRAM x.9 rear derailleur and X.9 grip shifters. For a crank/BB I've been thinking about a RF Evolve X-Type SS crankset.

Any advice on getting this done right is greatly appreciated.
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