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Remember this one, my neighbor had it out with the trash.
After a few NOS parts it's ready for the trails. Wheel Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle wheel Bicycle fork

Bicycle frame Bicycle tire Tire Wheel Bicycle wheel rim

Tire Bicycle frame Wheel Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel

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muddybuddy said:
B-utiful. What all did you have to change?
- Avocet Touring I saddles
- CyclePro Pinnacle tires
- Ritchey stem w/cable hanger
- Ritchey Bars
-NOS decal set [ except tubing and shop decals] they were fine
- It had the original wheels RM 20 / XT but I added Mavic Oxygen / NOS 80's Phil Wood hubs and Campy skewers

I had everything but seats and stem.

When I first got it I cut the cable lock and pumped up the tires, and it rode fine.
I do like it a little better this way though.

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I like the before better...just messing with ya!

Shawn you did a magnificent job. From the pics, I cannot distinguish it from new. I never imagined it was in such good shape from your verbal description:thumbsup:

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Thanks for all the nice comments. I am very lucky to have stumbled upon this bike. Can't wait for the next vintage ride, you are all welcome to take it for a spin.

Eric, if you even think of being the Captain you need to lose the Spandex:D

You are right Miguel, the welds are beautiful. TR is amazing with a torch.

I'm just messing with you
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Bigfoot said:
Is that the original kickstand?
All bikes should come with a multi-purpose tool like that. Kickstand or on-trail repair, a claw hammer can do it all

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cegrover said:
That is just plain badass! What is the serial number?

Also, what else does your neighbor have???
T207, what does that tell you?

I'm just into Ritchey's, but he has this big tubed silver bike. All the decals are missing except ham ;)
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