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8500 2010 pictures

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I need to say that these pics aren't mine ! I found them on Flickr . I am willing to buy this bike. I am 6.1 feet tall . Do you think the 19.5 frame will fit me ? ( I need the bike for racing so a smaller one would be better than a larger one )
Appreciate any kind of help . Hope you enjoy the pics !


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Yeah I think it'll fit. I ride a trek 6000 frame and I'm 5' 11' and it's a bit large for me I believe. So yeah, I'm sure it'll fit you fine. Sweet looking bike too!
niiiiiice!!!!! now go get that thing sscratched up and dirty like a mountain bike!!!! (and have fun in the process)
I ride FS bikes and not hardtails, however I'm 6'1" and
like my bikes a little on the small side. I find that 18.5"
Trek bikes are just the right size for me. However some
of my other bikes are in the 19" range.

Best, John
Height really is not the issue its your inseam that matters. Unless you know your size for sure its just a guess. It would probably fit but i would go a size smaller. Your best bet would be to stand over or even ride a TREK bike that size and see what you like before buying anything.
Measure your current bike

If your current bike fits you okay than you can try the following:
1. Measure the effective top tube length. Center of head tube (in a straight line) to the center of the seat tube.
2. Compare this measurement with the Trek geometry for a 19.5" to see if it matches. If it is close you can swap out the stem length (+/- 10-20mm) when you order the bike.
3. If it is more than +/-20 mm I would look at the next size up or down depending upon your measurements.

I am 5'11" and will be ordering a Trek 8000 in march with a 19.5" frame. For my bike to fit me I will need to swap out the standard stem with one 10 mm shorter. My LBS will do this free of charge.

Your local LBS should help you with your fit. This is why Trek and the other big companies only sell through bike shops. They want to make sure your bike fits and is set up correctly.

I hope this helps and good luck
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Hi Just test rode a 9.8 in 18.5 inch, im 5 11 and all my weight felt like it was on my shoulders and I was too far over the front, went to a 19.5 and its great, thinking of ordering it, depends on news from cannondale F1 , I am unsure just now
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