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80mm 29er fork source?

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Got a buddy who bought a Raleigh 29er and wants to put some squish in his rigid (boy that sounds dirty). I'm helping him piece it together since he is new to wreching, but I know very little about 29er comps.

Anyone know of a good quality 80mm fork for a 29er that won't break the bank for him? He is also converting form SS to 1x9. It appears to me that he will need a cassette, rear shifter, rear der, der hanger, and chain to make the conversion. Links appreciated.:thumbsup:
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The Reba Savageman posted is a very nice and easily tunable fork. I have one on my Section 29 and am still in awe of how easy it was to get buttery smooth. It was not light, however. From what I hear, the Tora's are heavier versions of the Reba.

OTOH, the White Brothers Magic 29 I have on my current bike is extremely light compared to the Reba. It is a PITA to set up & tune though. YMMV.

HTH. :thumbsup:
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