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8 speed XC racers...Standard chain ring sizes

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Going to order new chain rings need a suggested 3 rings set up. (cassette 11-30)
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I have a 8 speed 11-30 cassette too, i use a first generation shimano XTR M-900 crankset with 26-36-46 chainrings, sometimes i wish i had a slightly lower gear but 99.9% of the time i'm ok. If you don't live in a very hilly area, go for it, or just go with something smaller.
Wow, I think my set up feels good but now it has me guessing even more. My set up is a 22,32,44. :eekster: My 22-30 is like a goat. I think I will order a handful of rings and do some testing
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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