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8 speed to 9 speed cassette swap

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I had a moderate case of upgrade-itis this past winter. I switched my Shimano Deore components to Sram X-9 among adding a new fork, upgraded to better hydraulic disc brakes, etc. My bike was originally an 8 speed and now it is a 9. The new components all work excellent and it shifts like a dream compared to the old Shimano stuff. Well, I just remembered that freehub bodies are 8 and 9 speed specific. I have ridden the crap out of my bike since early spring and have had no issues what so ever, but now I am concerned I should have also swapped the freehub even though the 9 speed cassette fit just fine. Is this something I need to address right away or just leave since it seems to be OK?
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8-9 spd freehubs are the same size.

So this is the freehub sizing... not the gospel but a very good general guide:


Then there are Campy sizes.
Thanks wyrm! I remembered seeing 8 and 9 speed specific freehubs somewhere before (I think?) and I just wanted to make sure I was OK.
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